Just for Kids

WE LOVE KIDS - and it shows! We make every effort to make each child's experience with us as pleasant and pain free as possible!

A child's first dental visit sets the tone for the future. There's nothing worse than your child dreading to visit us. The first appointment is recommended around the age of 3 years old unless there are visible signs of a problem prior to this age. Many first visits are nothing more than a "happy visit" to acquaint your child with the dentist and our team. Making them feel comfortable and gaining their trust is our priority. If your child is frightened, uncomfortable or non-cooperative, a rescheduling may be necessary. Sometimes we will use short, successive visits to help build your child's confidence. Depending on your child's age, a first visit can include a gentle cleaning to remove plaque, x-rays, and a thorough exam from our doctors of your child's teeth, bite, gums and oral tissues. These visits usually last about 30 minutes, and any subsequent treatment that needs to be completed will be discussed with the parent/guardian and then scheduled.


At North Arkansas Dental Group, children 13 and under have the unique opportunity to become a member of our "Cavity Free Club!"

How do I become a member?
Have a parent or guardian schedule your bi-annual cleaning and exam. If our doctors don’t find any cavities during the examination, you have just become an official member of our club. Then we will take your picture and put it on our cavity free tv that is in the waiting room. Awesome!

What does becoming a member mean?
Once you are a member, we will take a picture of you and add it to our official Cavity Free Club TV. This television displays images of all our present members. Once you are a member, you, your friends and all other patients, will be allowed to see what a great job brushing you have been doing! Cavity free members also receive extra rewards annually for remaining cavity free (shirts, sports bottles, etc).

If I become a member am I always a member?
Being a member of this club is very exclusive and is only for children with no cavities. If one of our doctors detects a cavity following a cleaning appointment, we will remove that child from the member list - BUT the good news is that your child can earn their way back to the club if they do not have cavities at the next appointment - so don't be discouraged! There's always a chance to be a member again! Another part of taking care of our teeth is keeping up with routine cleaning appointments. To stay in the club, members must be coming in at least annually for check ups.

Benefits of being a member?
If any member has 2 consecutive cleanings/exams in which our doctors finds zero cavities, that member receives a sticker on their current picture. This allows everyone to see what a good job they have been doing at brushing. Also, our second-time members receive a bonus gift. This gift is an official Cavity Free Member tee shirt. On subsequent visits we add more stickers and give incentive gifts every other time cavity free!
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